Friday, 3 June 2011

WeaverHouse Tips for a Pain Free Summer !

Beat The Bank Holiday Blues

Bank holiday wouldn’t be the same in the UK if it wasn’t a washout, and this year was no exception. With RHS Chelsea well over, now is the time to consider getting into our gardens to do our first piece of manual work in ages.

Sadly, our receptionists at WeaverHouse are swamped with calls from people in pain requiring immediate attention from one of our Osteopaths. If like many people, gardening is one of your passions, it is not just the soil you need to prepare.

We, as a team at WeaverHouse, believe it pays to be prepared, especially if you are to enjoy a pain free summer.

The main causes of back pain when gardening is the prolonged stretching of the ligaments and joints of the spine whilst stooping, kneeling or bending forward when planting sowing or digging. These positions place stress on the ligaments and joints of the lower lumber spine which, in turn gets inflamed and tender. This provokes muscle spasms which gives rise to a deeper, duller achy pain that often lasts for days later. So, it pays to exercise the joints and muscles before you grab the tools !

·       Gently stretch your muscles and ligaments before and after gardening.
·       If you suffer from hip or knee problems or osteoarthritis and tend to stoop rather than kneel, then use a cushion to kneel on. Or, when bending try keeping the back as hollow as possible.
·       When mowing the lawn with a hover mower, try to resist the temptation to swing the mower from side to side in an arc. Instead, mow forwards and backwards as you would with a conventional mower.
·       Have a warm bath or shower when finished.
·       Avoid a long sit down in your favourite armchair afterwards.
·       Stand up regularly and walk around to keep your muscles from seizing up.

If you ache or have back pain the next day, rest and don’t hesitate to call one of our Osteopaths for advice. If you require an appointment please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly reception team on 01270 629933, who would be more than happy to help.

Alternatively, complete the ‘contact us’ form by going to our website