Friday, 11 January 2019

Winter Newsletter 2018/19

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Monday, 7 January 2019

Does your baby suffer from reflux or silent reflux resulting in colic?

Does your baby suffer from reflux or silent reflux resulting in colic?

Senior Osteopathic practitioner Iain McGregor at WeaverHouse talks about his 30 years of practical experience in treating this distressing condition for both baby and parent.

Iain explains that his Osteopathic approach goes back to principles of “structure governs functions”, when the foetus is “in utero” it is in a flexed-up position, as it develops this flexed position is exaggerated as there is little space to extend and stretch out. This position causes contracture in the diaphragm, the large important muscle that divides the abdomen to the chest. The stomach, and the oesophagus that passes through the diaphragm can get compressed causing narrowing and constriction of the oesophagus causing the stomach contents to regurgitate at force, reflux or slide up and down the oesophagus causing irritation in the lining, by the acid in the milk – silent reflux.

Both these conditions are distressing for the baby as it still is unable to sit up for itself so causes stomach and abdominal cramps – colic. And screaming sleepless nights. Iain’s Osteopathic approach firstly is to explain to the parents the basic anatomy of how the digestive tract works and what anatomical structures they pass through. His approach is to get the infant to change that chronic flexed position they assumed in the womb, to a more upright and extended position thus restoring the diaphragm to function more effectively, so that he can massage the abdominal organs and reduce stasis and wind in the digestive tract. Also, by improving diaphragm function he encourages the infant to breath more effectively using both its upper and lower ribs.

Ultimately the reflux disappears, and harmony is restored for both baby and parent. Also, Iain is able to offer practical advice to the parent in the form of feeding techniques and basic exercises for the child. So, if your baby or family member or friend suffers from reflux or silent reflux and have not thought about a natural osteopathic approach to this condition, call one of our friendly team of receptionists here at WeaveHouse to make an appointment on 01270 629933