Wednesday, 22 January 2020

WeaverHouse Press Release for New Hypnotherapist

Press Release

Hypnotherapist Promotes the Benefits of Focusing on Solutions

Local Hypnotherapist Stephen Bate is the latest therapist to join the team at Weaver House in Nantwich. Specializing in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, a highly effective form of therapy, which is attracting clients looking for support with mental and emotional struggles as well as physical ones.

There is no doubt that illnesses caused or made worse by stress are on the increase*. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), agoraphobia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and migraines are all ways that excess or sustained stress can affect our well-being.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) tackles these conditions by reducing anxiety and helping clients to regain a sense of perspective; once anxiety is under control many troublesome symptoms are alleviated. The therapy encourages positive thinking by helping clients to focus on solutions to problems, rather than dwelling on the problems themselves. Clients usually find their sleep patterns improve and motivation, confidence and self-esteem are all enhanced.

SFH is the brainchild of David Newton, founder of the nationally recognized Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) School, originally founded in Bristol, and which now has training centers across the country. He explains: “Stress is a part of normal everyday life: dealing with household accounts and paperwork, traffic hold-ups, pressures at work, strains in our close relationships, health worries — if the stress is sustained or excessive it can lead to a vast array of emotional, behavioral or even physical illnesses”.

SFH differs from earlier forms of therapy by encouraging clients to formulate a positive image of their problem-free future rather than analyzing the cause or symptoms of the problem itself. It is a highly effective and liberating approach.

Local Hypnotherapist Stephen Bate is enthusiastic about joining the team at Weaver House “I welcome the opportunity to help people and understand how hard it can be to make changes without support. I have seen the tremendous benefits of focusing on solutions and encouraging positive thinking – clients find the approach amazingly uplifting”.

Stephen Bate is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist practicing at Weaver House 126 Hospital Street
Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5RY. Call
01270 62 99 33 for a chat in confidence or to book an initial consultation. To find out more visit:


Note to Editors:

* Recent research by Insurance Company AXA indicates that stress levels have doubled in 4 years.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), stress is one of the most common causes of workplace absence costing the UK economy billions of pounds in lost productivity.

For information about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy then visit  

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

 + What should I wear to my osteopathic appointment?
Wearing something comfortable and loose is ideal and will make our job that much easier. 
+ What should I bring with me?                                                                                     Please bring any current or relevant X-ray results, scans or medical reports that you may have. A list of current medications and a water bottle.
+ Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?                                                                     No, the great thing is you can self-refer for any of the treatments we offer at WeaverHouse.
+ How soon can I get an appointment to see an Osteopath?                                   
 You should be able to get an appointment within 3 days of call depending upon availability of times and it's sometimes possible to get an appointment the same day.
+ Can I choose to see either a Male or Female Osteopath?                                       When you call to make your appointment you will be asked if you have a preference of seeing either a male or female osteopath and we are fortunate to have two male osteopaths and two female osteopaths and you are also more than welcome to bring a chaperone to your appointment should that make you feel more comfortable. 
You are welcome to contact WeaverHouse in confidence to discuss your personal situation and/or to book an appointment. 
You can telephone us 01270 629933 or email