Tuesday, 21 January 2020

 + What should I wear to my osteopathic appointment?
Wearing something comfortable and loose is ideal and will make our job that much easier. 
+ What should I bring with me?                                                                                     Please bring any current or relevant X-ray results, scans or medical reports that you may have. A list of current medications and a water bottle.
+ Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?                                                                     No, the great thing is you can self-refer for any of the treatments we offer at WeaverHouse.
+ How soon can I get an appointment to see an Osteopath?                                   
 You should be able to get an appointment within 3 days of call depending upon availability of times and it's sometimes possible to get an appointment the same day.
+ Can I choose to see either a Male or Female Osteopath?                                       When you call to make your appointment you will be asked if you have a preference of seeing either a male or female osteopath and we are fortunate to have two male osteopaths and two female osteopaths and you are also more than welcome to bring a chaperone to your appointment should that make you feel more comfortable. 
You are welcome to contact WeaverHouse in confidence to discuss your personal situation and/or to book an appointment. 
You can telephone us 01270 629933 or email info@weaverhouse.com 

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