Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Full-Time Associate Osteopath Vacancy

We have a vacancy for a full-time Associate Osteopath here at WeaverHouse to start early November. Please apply in the first instance to aa68@hotmail.com

Monday, 6 October 2014

Manual workers are not the only ones to suffer from back pain, it can also affect many office workers. However, with the correct measures, back pain can also be controlled in an office environment. This can include reducing risk factors that may lead to back pain and reducing the impact of back pain when it strikes.
With literally millions of working days lost each year due to employees taking sick leave as a result of back problems, WeaverHouse are offering free advice to workers at local businesses as part of BackCare Week. If you would like a member of our qualified and professional team to come your business or workplace to carry out free back and heath assessment checks, and if necessary advise on ergonomic workstations, please call us on 01270 629933 or email info@weaverhouse.com to arrange a convenient time. Alternatively, here at our Nantwich clinic all new clients are offered a free 15 minute consultation, with no obligation to book further treatments.