Monday, 15 November 2010

Weaver House, more than just healthy resolutions

There's more than one reason to visit Weaver House this winter.  Here's two great reasons to pop in to Weaver House this winter. With the cold weather making us tense up, perhaps your back is feeling like it's in need of an Osteopathic treatment to iron out those aches and pains. The short days and long nights often change our attitude to food and with a less healthy diet our energy levels can quickly take a turn for the worse.  This can be a spiral that takes some time to get out of.  Our resident nutritionist  could be the answer to help give you the support you need to stay healthy, even when salads and fruit seem the last thing on you mind!  It's so much easier to maintain good health than going crazy on 1st January.  So start now and when January comes, you'll already have those healthy habits to make 2011 a health and vibrant year.  There's many more reasons to visit Weaver House, check in for our regular blog updates and we'll be telling more about what's happening at Weaver House in Nantwich over the coming weeks and months.

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