Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The youth of today ...........................

I really feel that I have to post this as I have had the most pleasant surprise, and it has put my faith back in to the youth of today.............

On Monday, after arriving at work, there was a broken window at the front of the practice - its not the fact that it was broken that is most annoying, it is the organisation of getting it repaired. I thought a stone chip from the road had hit it, or somebody had been playing silly fools on the Saturday night.

To my surprise, today, I received a call from a 21 year old lad called Toby, to apologise for what he had done. He explained he was larking around with his friends, and put his hand through the window, cutting his thumb. Not only that, but he insisted on paying for the damage in full !

It just goes to show, there are some really well mannered young people out there, thank you Toby, I hope your parents are reading this, as they have clearly done an outstanding job in raising you !!!


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