Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What can Massage do for you?

In an ideal world, Massage would form an integral part of your self care routine to maintain wellness and prevent injury or pain. 
From increasing awareness to relaxation to pain relief, everyone can benefit from regular massages. 
It is even more advantageous if you suffer from ongoing/reoccurring pain; Advanced Clinical Massage can relieve most muscular pain conditions and help manage stress. Here are just a few conditions that Massage can help with...

Tension headaches and migraines: The muscles in your neck and scalp are often the root cause of these conditions. Did you know that a tight SCM (the cord like muscle at the front of your neck) can cause earache, headaches, watery eyes and sore throats?

Plantar fasciitis: often the causal factor here is tight calf muscles and often this extends throughout your ‘posterior chain’ - the muscles down the back of your body. With a focussed lower leg and foot treatment backed up with hamstring, glutes and lower back, massage can relieve your symptoms over a course of appointments.

Frozen Shoulder, hip and pelvic pain, lower back pain: ACMT (Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy) has a wide range of very focussed techniques that are incredibly effective in treating these conditions.

Stress relief: the meditative quality of massage in the rhythm and low lighting allows you space to just be. On top of that, Massage will unwind all of that stress related tension we hold in muscles.

If you’d like to take a step to a healthier, happier, pain free you, please book in to see me on a Monday, Thursday or Saturday at Weaver House. 
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Reanne Benson

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