Monday, 20 August 2018

Small changes can bring big results

The average mobile ‘phone user spends 90 minutes on average on their ‘phones each day. This doesn’t sound like a lot, maybe the same time you spend watching TV, however this adds up to 10.5 hours each week that you look at your phone! 

This means less time to exercise, more stress on your body, not to mention the time it takes away from the people around you. You are disengaged from all of those. 

The (tongue-in-cheek) term ‘iposture’ is quickly gaining recognition as the ideal description for the way we hunch over our mobile phones, but it’s no laughing matter as this is one of the main causes of poor posture and lower back pain.

Try scheduling designated time to handle your emails and social media from your computer where you can set up your ergonomics to support good body positioning as you type.

If your phone has a voice dictation feature, learn how to use it and talk your text messages, social media posts, and emails. This may take a little time to get accustomed to, but your neck, shoulders, and back will thank you.

Avoiding the mobile phone slump is simple and anyone can do it. It just requires a little self-discipline and awareness. But it’s worth doing for the difference it will make in your neck, back, and the rest of your body, too!

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