Sunday, 19 November 2017

Party Fit

The most common foot related problems encountered during the party season are those that have come about from partying in heels. Over the next few weeks, and to prepare you for the dance floor, WeaverHouse Podiatry will be providing you with some hints and tips to keep your feet ‘Party Fit’ whilst rocking those killer heels.

Make sure the shoe is going to fit. Feet continue to change shape and size throughout your life, so it is worth getting your feet measured to get the right fit. Feet also change during the day as they swell slightly at the ankle. 
Buy your party shoes at the end of the day to accommodate for this change.

Material matters. Before you make the purchase, check the bottom of the shoe to see what it is made of. Ideally you want a shoe with a leather sole as this will give you much more flexibility when busting those shapes on the dance floor.

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