Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Presentable Party Feet

With blistered and battered feet from dancing the night away, the "heels are off" and you're hobbling around, with each step stinging that little bit more than the last one.

To help you avoid this situation, Michael our Podiatrist has put together these top tips.
  • The night you go out should not be the first time those shoes have come out of the box. Introduce your feet to your chosen footwear early on. Try wearing your party shoes for a few hours here and there in the week leading up to your night out.

  • Give your shoes a stretch. A week or so before your night out fill a plastic food bag half full of water and place the bag inside the shoe. Make some room in the freezer and place the shoes inside making sure that they are not touching anything. The water will freeze and expand overnight giving your shoes a nice even stretch.

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